Today, WHO (yes, that WHO that keeps us up to date with Covid-19 too.. or at least they try) celebrates the day as World Hearing Day. And their projection, that 1 in 4 people will have hearing problems by 2050, made me write this article. It reminded me of one project, in which I volunteered as a mentor and I was teaching basic programming to kids from Liceul Pentru Deficienți de Auz (Deaf Children School).

The project was called “Educate to have a voice” and was organized by Cartea Daliei/Dalia’s Book. I volunteered first time with Cartea Daliei in some…

So.. #EuroSTARConf is in full swing.. and it is the second day only out of four. How do we survive to so many things?

1. Take a break ⏱️

  • we tend to try to do them all — see all companies from the expo in order not to miss anything, do some networking but also run to all sessions you chose on the schedule. Most of times, that will leave you with no free minutes, neither for important need.. yes, those..
  • having a break will bring back the energy, the curiosity, will clear your thoughts and can create other opportunities.
  • all the exponents, all the…

SEETest took place this year in Bucharest, from 26th to 27th of September. As part of the Quality Assurance community, I was following it for a while so of course I was super happy when I saw Cognizant Softvision decided to support this edition. I might have some work done for the business case there so.. yeah..

And oh boy, was it a good idea. Was also lucky enough to be asked to speak on the company behalf at the conference and I gladly accepted.


First day was dedicated to workshops. With themes from Testing AI till Testing Psychology…

As some of my mozfriends are in town these days, I though to share my personal favorites in this city..

So, let’s start with some sightseeing.. don’t worry, Cluj-Napoca is not that big so you won’t break your steps record so easily. I do recommend you to walk between the places or to take the public transportation — pretty cheap and reliable. Speaking about price in the transportation, I’ll break the news to you — taxis or uber is pretty affordable also but definitely less healthy and more damaging for nature.

Sightseeing & Activities

If you have just a couple…

In a few words, May was a bit like a crazy month.. Little I knew back then than June won’t be different..

// This draft was written around June but never published till now.. So.. Sorry …

I spent the first weekend of May at JSConf EU and after returning to Cluj on Monday, May 8th from beautiful and colourful Berlin, I went to work (yes, you read that right). In the evening I got home, unpacked and packed again (told you it was a crazy month). …

This last weekend I was in Minsk, Belarus, for the first time and I am happy to say it was pretty cool. It was more like a (volunteer) work trip than a touristic one but very pleasant either way!

So, like most of my volunteers travels, I was there to speak and run a booth at an event — Rolling Scopes Conference. @gabriel_micko was there last year and enjoyed it so much that he recommended it to me too. …

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate.
Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels. This was my 4th time attending FOSDEM — this time sponsored as one of the speakers.

Mozilla had a dedicated devroom on Saturday and a booth in both days. The talks in the devroom were organized as a real conference — with an open call for papers to all mozillians and supporters, and then a selection. From 18 speakers/17 talks I am proud to…

Disclaimer: Post written for other publication, so it is delayed a few days as it was pending. Original day to be published should be November 9th,2016.

12 years ago the first version of Firefox 1.0 was seeing the daylight. Its release notes brought a better tabbed browsing, bug fixes and many new languages. Along with these, a lot of excitement (you might remember the two -page ad in New York Times).

From The Mozilla Foundation blog. See a full-res version here. CC BY-SA 3.0.

Fast forward 12 years and Firefox is still one of the major players in browsers world…

The Ministry of National Education started a program called ”Să știi mai multe, să fii mai bun!” (Know more, be better — Școala Altfel) and it is organized in each learning unit, in a week of the second semester with a special schedule that includes only activities with non-formal character. It involved both teachers and students in extracurricular, interesting activities in order to highlight their talent, their after schools pursuits and their field of competency in more diverse domains.

In previous years, I’ve organized together with Mozilla România and OSOM some Webmaker session in the schools from Aiud and Ocna…

Ioana Chiorean

QA Team Lead & Mozilla Reps Mentor and Peer, Wanderlust, FLOSS supporter, Feminist #testing #mozillian

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